Our enterprise-class IT Support and monitoring capabilities empower us to dramatically reduce the time it takes to diagnose and resolve your network problems or failures

IN2 Security Services

Managed Security Servicess

Is your data really safe? Chances are, it’s not. Factors such as security skills shortages, budget constraints, ineffective technology application and control inefficiencies could leave gaps in your defences.

Today's rapidly evolving threat landscape demands smarter and more responsive managed security services. Security is our function, let us do the heavy lifting for you.

IN2IT's Managed Security Services step up and offer industry-leading tools, technology and expertise to help secure your information.

With external threats creating more issues now than ever before, IN2IT's phased approach addresses these threats by means of active firewall management, intelligent log management, active intrusion detection and prevention, unified threat management and endpoint security services.

With our Penetration Testing and Security Auditing tools we are able to establish, manage and offensively address all vulnerabilities in your environment.


IT security threats continue to grow, yet you face shrinking budgets, competing priorities and more complex environments. You’ve invested in solutions to help safeguard your systems and data, but how do you effectively manage them?

Our Services Provide:

  • Better protection while allowing your business to manage security costs more effectively
  • Advanced analytics through real-time data correlation while providing security monitoring and support.
  • Management of intrusion prevention systems and firewalls designed to block threats
  • Data security by managing web filtering, antispam and antivirus
  • Flexible pricing model for more predictable operating expense

Our Solution Helps:

  • Identify and respond to security incidents before they escalate
  • Manage regulatory and audit requirements
  • Reduce costs with a simplified pricing model and service level suited to your business
  • Align business imperatives to IT security

Related Services and Solutions:

  • The IN2IT Protexor Firewall series  protects midsize, small and home-office networks from both targeted and non targeted hacking and internet related vulnerabilities. This managed solution offers reporting and diagnosing tools. Control your internet abuse, manage bandwidth, ports, protocols, packets and routing now with the Protexor.
  • IN2IT’s exclusive hybrid backup solution is designed to support your existing inhouse backup solution by retaining your data securely offsite in IN2IT's SecureVault.
  • Solid Protexor Proxy server offerings designed to manage your internet bandwidth and users.
  • Managed services purpose built to Protect your users from online security threats and inappropriate content
  • IN2IT Central Management Tools provides everything required to deliver a range of IT services remotely and report on those services with unprecedented detail to small and mid-sized businesses or across corporate network
  • Compliance Reporting Made Affordable
  • Managed Audits will keep you one step ahead of potential attackers by giving you a comprehensive way to regularly assess and report on possible vulnerability, configuration and compliance related issues on your network.