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IN2 Internet Connectivity

Fast reliable Internet

Selecting your Internet solution is not as simple as it used to be. Today more options are available to you than ever before, making it tougher to make the correct decision.

Numerous external factors need to be considered now too, these include cable theft, power reliability, lightning, surges and other weather conditions.

Amongst these factors, feasibility and availability need to be considered too. Some Internet connections are good for certain functions but for others not.

IN2IT will assist you in navigating through these challenges fitting the most suitable solution to your business and its functions


IN2IT can provide your business with the following connectivity options:

  • Fiber Internet
    Fast reliable Internet via technology that enables data transmission over fiber optic cable.
  • Wireless Internet
    Installation of an antenna on your roof that enables wireless data transmission via radio waves to our ISP towers (no wires or cables)
  • LTE Internet
    LTE internet is cellular based wireless internet access for your business. This option is carries the  quickest installation time.
  • Home & Business ADSL
    We have some of the best and cheapest business ADSL offerings available online. All packages include capped and uncapped.


  • Poor Internet performance?
    The IN2IT Protexor Firewall series protects midsize, small and home-office networks from both targeted and non targeted hacking and Internet related vulnerabilities. It additionally manages and reports on Internet usage per user with built in facilities to control what can and cannot be done on your Internet.
  • Need an Internet backup solution?
    IN2IT’s automated failover solution will address your requirements.
  • Need a cloud backup solution?
    IN2IT’s hybrid backup solution not only manages in-house backups but also ensures that data is stored in our SecureVault off site
  • IN2IT’s Managed Security Services pro-actively assess, address and manage your company's vulnerabilities