Our enterprise-class IT Support and monitoring capabilities empower us to dramatically reduce the time it takes to diagnose and resolve your network problems or failures

IN2 Hardware and Software

For all of your IT hardware and software procurement needs

When you’re planning to invest in new hardware or software, you’re looking at spending a significant amount of money – and you’ll want to make sure the technologies you’re investing in are right for you; at the right cost for your budget.

 That’s why you need a trusted technology partner who knows what vendors offer the hardware and software procurement solutions you need.

There’s no need to spend time and money finding the right solutions for your needs, then spend even MORE time and money for another company to implement and support those solutions.

Our team of IT experts is here to help you procure, implement, configure, and support any technology products and/or services you need.

When you choose to take advantage of our hardware and software procurement service, you’re able to benefit from:

  • Our extensive expertise: We stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest technologies – receiving comprehensive training on a regular basis, researching new products and services, and overall, maintaining the skill-sets needed to procure and implement fantastic solutions.
  • Our in-depth knowledge: We know when it comes to technology, you can’t just purchase the newest hardware and/or software trends – you need to know you’re investing in the solutions that work for your needs; and we make sure every solution will help you meet your goals and objectives.

Whether you’re looking for a complex licensing solution, a server or SAN soltution or just a new toner cartridge for your printer, we’re here to assist you with all of your hardware and software procurement needs.

We know you’re far too busy to troubleshoot computer issues on your own – but sometimes, troubleshooting needs to be done, otherwise, you’re stuck unable to get work done. That’s where we come in – we’ll handle all sorts of troubleshooting and repairs.


  • Backup monitoring of your backup processes both onsite and offsite in the cloud. IN2IT offers comprehensive affordable cloud based backup solutions.
  • Patch management which includes Microsoft plus third party patches and service packs downloaded and installed on your devices
  • Managed Anti Virus ensures that your Anti Virus is always up to date and functional.
  • Professional Specialised Spyware tools providing the most up-to-date technology to detect, remove and protect your system from harmful software.